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Quick Updates

This post is a quick listing for the new videos that were uploaded recently about the fantastic mesh.

Latest video is a speedy video about bank of tubes modeling in Fantastic Mesh

The theme played at background is a famous theme that I used to hearing it in 90’s .. I am not sure if the theme is international or national to Egypt .. but it is quite awesome.


Second Video is for modeling and exporting to OpenFOAM ..

This video is very interesting .. I am going to post about how did I manage to export to openfoam in a separate post afterwards.


Third Video is for cyclone modeling using my brilliant fantastic mesh modeler (am I biased here ?!!! 🙂 )


Fourth Video is a short video illustrate the extrusion process using custom expression. (quite interesting 😀 )


Well .. this was a quite long post and many videos.


I am about to defend my thesis .. hopefully on the end of this week. a lot of corrections needs to be done.


until we meet again .. enjoy those videos


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Ahmed Sadek