Ability to load wavefront models *.obj files

I’ve added a cool feature in my program .. which is the ability to load wavefront models

check this video

I am recording this post to remind myself with strange behavior of the .obj format

which is the indexing with negative indices

I mean a line like this one

f -28 -44 -31

this line indicates that this face is having three vertices .. their indexing is not absolute

but rather relative from the last line of ‘v’  or vertex

so actually you can find the following lines

v -109.591 77.4386 -352.207
v -110.289 77.4687 -353.25
v -110.723 77.4046 -354.151

# and then

f -1 -2 -3        # which is relative in backward fashion for the vertices above

whatever .. this is a quick post about my latest feature on the program



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